Bias Tape

Whether you want a secret seam, or an extra pop in your project, bias tape can do it all. Bias tape, or bias binding, is a thin piece of fabric that has been cut on the bias, making it more fluid and flexible than a piece cut from the grain. Bias tape can be used for a variety of projects, from binding seams and finishing raw edges, to making piping. It can come in both single and double fold, and using bias tape prevents a garment from unraveling. Use the same color bias tape as your garment to easily finish it off, or use a patterned or differently colored bias tape to make some bold statements.
10 results
Clara Black Cotton Bias Tape 40mm
Black Silk Bias Tape 45mm
Rust Silk Bias Tape 45mm
Grey Wool Bias Tape 30mm
Rada Brown Bias Tape 33mm
Old Rose Silk Bias Tape 45mm
Gold Silk Bias Tape 45mm
Black Wool Bias Tape 30mm
Bordeaux Striped Wool Bias Tape 30mm
Military Green Striped Wool Bias Tape 30mm