Don’t be afraid of polyester. Yes it’s a synthetic fibre and because of its versatile nature it is used a lot in the textile industry. Polyester and synthetic fabrics aren’t necessarily bad and shouldn’t become our enemies. It can be very practical because it can be easily washed and rarely shrinks. It is used for everything from dresses, blouses and trousers to t-shirts, skirts and interior design.
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Gianni Metalic Polyester
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Fuchsia Nylon Glossy
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Red Nylon Glossy
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Kermit Green Fluo Polyester Crêpe Stretch
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Orange Fluo Nylon
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Tobias Royal Blue Nylon
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Capri Multicolour Check Cotton Stretch
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Tia Multicolour Check Cotton Stretch
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Shia Multicolour Check Cotton Stretch
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Tracy Floral Print Polyester
Charly Abstract Polyester Print
Dorin Floral Print Polyester
Pink Waterproof Polyester
Old Pink Cotton Polyester Blend
Mustard Floral Print Polyester
Orange Polka Dot Polyester
Reptilian Print Polyester
Mona Fluid Print Polyester
Floral Polyester Voile
Ruby Red Viscose Blend Crêpe
Lipstick Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Aqua Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Blush Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Emerald Green Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Royal Blue Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Teal Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Mustard Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Dark Coral Luxury Crêpe Polyester
Disco Striped Nylon
Indigo Polyester Crêpe
White Satin Polyester Crêpe
Yellow Stone Print Polyester
Salmon Floral Polyester Print
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Cranberry Red Polyester Stretch Suéde
Dusty Blue Floral Polyester
Julia Navy/Cream Polyester Print
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62 results