Wool blend

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Chanelle Multicolour Tweed
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Coco Black & Ivory Tartan Tweed
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Cara Black and White Pied De Poule Tweed
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Carl Stone Grey Wool Mohair Blend
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Carl Ecru Wool Mohair Blend
Tom Alpaca Pied De Poule
Marien Luxury Wool Blend
Lina Geometric Alpaca Blend
Aurora Rust Double Face Wool
Isabella Ochre and Purple Mohair Blend
Aude Aubergine Wool
Willow Pied De Poule Wool Blend
Aubrey Virgin Wool and Silk Blend
Judith Cashmere Blend
Toby Forest Green Herringbone Wool
Yellow Virgin Wool, Mohair & Alpaca Coating
Oscar Knitted Wool Blend
Elisabeta Brown Cotton Wool Blend
Tina Floral Virgin Wool Stretch
Neville Multicolour Alpaca Blend
Samanta Blue Cashmere Wool
Sienna Herringbone Cashmere Wool Blend
Grace Camel Cashmere Wool
Clara Wool Double Face
Sibre Cotton Wool Blend
Jinthe Shadow Wool Viscose Blend
Flamingo Soft Wool And Polyester Coating
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Roxane Check Wool Blend
Chiara Yellow Striped Wool and Polyester Blend
Viënna Prince De Galle Wool Stretch
Burton Check Wool Blend
Eliza Taupe Bouclé
Lisa Multicolour Check Wool Blend